Plan Organization

The plan develops over a time span of two years and is organized in five work packages:

  1. Project Management and Coordination, which includes all activities to ensure proper financial, organizational, and technical management of FOOD-RULES. Leadership of ST, which can people with experience in PM and international projects.
  2. Organizational Change Management, the “meta” work package, which includes all activities to consolidate the data and food collection methodologies, the required organizational and technical changes (including tools), prepare the appropriate procurement actions (e.g., getting bins) and, when the implementation starts, monitoring and continuously improve. Leadership of RISTO3, where specific competences are.
  3. Implementation, which includes activities related to the actual implementation of the methodologies defined in WP2 (including delivery of training). Leadership of RISTO3, where specific competences are.
  4. Engagement, which includes all the activities related to engage the stakeholders (personnel and customers). Leadership of BATAA, with competence on food donations.
  5. Dissemination and Exploitation, which includes the activities related to disseminating project and the EU dimensions to stakeholders and general public and to involve other operators in FOOD-RULES. Leadership of ST, which has a strong interest in the exploitation of project results.

Plan Timing



WP1D1.1D1Periodic Project updateSTRPU2024-10-312023-12-01
WP1D1.2D2Data Management PlanSTDMPPU2023-03-312023-03-31
WP1D1.3D3IPR ManagementSTRSEN2024-10-312024-10-31
WP2D2.1D4Initial assessment of waste in canteensRISTO3RSEN2023-03-312023-03-31
WP2D2.2D5FOOD-RULES Methodology Measurement methodology.RISTO3RPU2024-12-312023-06-30
WP2D2.3D6FOOD-RULES Donation GuidelinesBATAARPU2024-12-312023-06-30
WP2D2.4D7BringTheFood, FOOD-RULES enhancedSTDEMSEN2024-12-312023-09-30
WP2D2.5D8Implementation evaluationRISTO3RSEN2024-10-31
WP2D2.6D9Implementation evaluation (publishable data)STRPU2024-12-31
WP3D3.1D10Implementation dataRISTO3RSEN2024-10-31
WP4D4.1D11Engagement Actions recapBATAARPU2024-09-302023-12-01
WP5D5.1D12Communication ActivitiesRISTO3RPU2024-12-312023-12-01
WP5D5.2D13FOOD-RULES Case StudyRISTO3RPU2024-10-312024-10-31
WP5D5.3D14FOOD-RULES VideosSTOTHERPU2024-10-312024-10-31
WP5D5.4D15FOOD-RULES Report for Food Loss and Waste Prevention HubSTRPU2024-10-312024-10-31