Economia circolare e sostenibilità nel sistema agroalimentare


Data: Tue 15 Sep 2020 @ 15:00
Durata: 1 ora
Lingua: Italiano
Tipo: Webinar (Google Meet)
Abstract: L’economia circolare nel settore agroalimentare: sfide, strumenti e approcci. Come diventare più circolare nel settore agrifood.


Milena Bigatto picture

Milena Bigatto

Education Officer at Trentino Innovation Hub

A PhD holder in European Studies and Sociology, she builds her expertise upon more than 7 years of experience as Project Manager. Her previous working positions at research institutions made her familiar with topics concerning institutional framework and policy development. She is involved on activities related to development of local innovation ecosystem and is currently in charge of national/international projects focused on innovation and entrepreneurship education.


Adolfo Villafiorita picture

Adolfo Villafiorita

Head of Unit at Fondazione Bruno Kessler

I am a senior researcher at Fondazione Bruno Kessler where I lead the ICT4G group. My interests include surplus food recovery and food waste prevention, sustainability, ICT for social and economic development. You might want to have a look at BringTheFood, if you are interested in my recent activities.

Lisa Rizzetto picture

Lisa Rizzetto

Research and Innovation Center – Fondazione Edmund Mach

Degree and PhD in Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Parma, since 2013 in Fondazione Edmund Mach, where she worked first as a researcher then fundraising expert supporting the researcher in accessing competitive finance and in the development of strategic initiatives. She is the contact person for FIT4FOOD2030 of the Food Lab Trentino and partner of the EIT Climate KIC EAT Circular - Education and Tools to manage the flows of resources in the "Circular food chain coordinated by FBK. She also collaborates in the project, coordinated by FEM, Environment Food and Health (EFH) funded by EUREGIO, is a member of ILSI European expert group on "Oral and systemic health resilience" and author of 29 scientific publications (H index: 17): in them, the importance of high nutritional quality foods, their impact on human health, with particular attention to the interaction of the immune system and the intestinal microbiota.

Florence Egal picture

Florence Egal

Food Security and Nutrition expert

Florence has been working with FAO in Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods until she retired as senior officer in 2013 and was actively engaged with the Rome-based Climate Study Circle. She is a member of the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition Climate Change and Nutrition e-group


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