Slovene Training Program Available

The program of the Slovene pilot, run by NIC, is now available for download!

The workshop, held mostly in Slovene, will cover topics related to short supply chain, food loss and waste prevention, circular economy and environment-friendly food-chains.

The sessions are free to attend and interactive.

More information: download program!

Portuguese Pilot Ready to Launch!

The Portuguese pilot, run by BGI, will start on the 7th of July.

The series of workshops, held mostly in Portuguese, will cover topics related to food waste prevention and reduction and will bring together entrepreneurs, experts, researchers, SME's and corporates interested/working in the food industry.

The aim is to boost knowledge sharing by promoting good practices in food waste management and on how to make the food supply chain more sustainable, innovative, and healthier.

The sessions are free to attend and interactive.

More information and last chance to register at EAT Circular - Changing the world each step of the way!

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